Kindness Wins, Always

Charla Huber wrote a perfect article in the Times Colonist recently, and it really connected with me (you can read it here).

I have been subjected to disgusting and vile attacks over the last four years of my term as a Trustee, and particularly in my most recent term as Chair.

The toxic discourse of our politics today, driven largely by social media trolls and people with real faces but clearly less class then sense, needs to be worrying to us all.

We expect our leaders to step up and lead, through good times and bad. We may not always agree but we must always remember the people behind the 240 character targeted assassinations that explode every day on social media.

I've seen and heard everything: body shaming (aimed primarily at female politicians), homophobia and transphobia, mocking disabilities (no, not Trump, here in Victoria), and even targeted questioning of my own fitness to be elected because of my own admitted struggles with suicide and mental illness.

It is up to all of us, all of us, to call out those people whom we know on social media that are engaging in this vitriol and tell them it's unacceptable. We must hold each other to much higher standards of engagement towards those we elect, or we face the very real possibility of limiting ourselves to a smaller and smaller pool of potential candidates.

Do better, be better, and expect better of each other.